October 23, 2007

Riding The Pine: Week 8 Injury Update...

Man, this has been a year to remember (er...forget) in terms of injuries. The league has been plagued by them, the Steelers included, and the trend just seems to continue. Remember, this is only WEEK 8!

Our latest casualties are Aaron Smith and Ryan Clark. Smith with a sprained MCL sustained in Sunday's loss and Clark with a friggin' inflamed spleen!

Tomlin thinks the chances of Smith playing Sunday are "doubtful at best," and with Big Snack still recovering, this could mean bad things for both our run defense and pass rush. Smith has been as instrumental for us this year as he has always been, and if anything, hasn't been given enough credit for our defensive success. So this is a big blow.

As for Clark, it's unknown whether he will be able to go or not. He didn't travel back from Denver with the team, instead staying "for observation", so I guess that's a "we'll see." From what I read, this spleen thing is a blood condition brought on by the Denver altitude and dehydration. God damn altitude...guess that crazy blood machine Tomlin was talking about last week couldn't help us...I love technology, don't you? Since Anthony Smith has seen a good amount of time this year anyway, Clark's injury may not be a huge deal. Nonetheless, Clark is the starter, and any injured starter in our secondary is one less reliable guy to defend against the Cincinnati pass attack.

Less than ideal sitch...

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