October 15, 2007

Joey Harrington's Receivers Are Dumping On Him and Eli Manning Is Just So Mad At Himself For Throwing That Interception...

Dear NFL Executives,
Please do not schedule any more Monday Night games involving the Atlanta Falcons. They make me want to stick a pen in my eye.

In fact, here is a list of 5 things I'd rather do than watch the Falcons play football:

  1. Listen to my Mother tell me why I should pay my credit card bills
  2. Watch anything on the Style network
  3. Have Joba Chamberlain fire baseballs at my junk
  4. Walk Michael Vick's dogs
  5. Clean my bathroom after a long weekend of cheap beer and chili nachos
Your help in this matter would be very much appreciated.


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Anonymous said...

Harrington has never really had a chance in the NFL. He keeps getting blamed for losses and failures despite being thrust into shitty situations like the black-hole of Detroit and most recently Atlanta. At least he had recievers who actually "recieved" in Detroit. Now he has neither pass-catchers nor o-line to protect him.

Harrington is smart, tough, and throws a pretty good ball when given a chance. If he ever gets to play on a semi-complete team he could be a Pro-Bowler, IMHO.

To make matters worse, the announcers were almost begging fopr Leftwich. Leftwich is a big-mout cry-baby who stays too fat and hurt to be a real leader. Sure, he had some good times in Jacksonville but that was due more to his surrounding cast than his personal talent. See "David Garard".

Micheal Vick truly WAS the Atlanta Falcons. Without his threat to run his recievers can't get open, Dunn is too small and old, and Jerrius Norwood is horribly under-used. Granted Petrino also walked into a shit-storm, but there are corrections that could be made. I hope for both Harrington's and Petrino's sake they figure that out.

Great coverage Cotter. Keep at it! One day you'll be a top-notch blogger. (IMHO you already are.)

Go Stillers!!