March 5, 2009

Face It, We All Knew This Day Would Come...

No, Brett Favre hasn't renounced his retirement.


But the Dallas Cowboys did release top 10 all-time-douchebag and rabble rouser, Terrell Owens.

Here's where if he hadn't already called everyone he's ever played with, a dickhead (paraphrasing), he might actually have people throwing money at him.

Now? The Rams. Oakland? The Chiefs?

On a purely human level, I always wondered how a dude who's 35, has never been married and who I've never heard linked to any woman, could call a dude like Jeff Garcia, who's married to a Playboy playmate, gay. But I guess that's neither here nor there.

Anyways, the lesson here is that old adage - "What goes around, comes around." That, and the one that goes - "Shit happens." I think Socrates said that.

The good news for Terrell Owens is that he's already got more money than Central America. So let's put it this way - should he be strong armed into retirement, I don't think we'll see him hanging around on the corner offering handjobs for McDonald's Filet of Fish sandwiches or anything.

One word of caution to the Cowboys, though. If you think Terrell Owens is the reason you haven't won a playoff game in a decade, you should throw yourself off a bridge.

We all know who is at fault here...

Weirdest video ever...

One more day, friends. Friday's so close I can smell it.

Oh wait, no, that's just dog fart.

First rule of sports blogging - always end with a fart joke.


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domski43 said...

My prediction: Owens to Ravens.

Noah said...

You know what Domski, I was thinking the same thing...

Get Fresh Designs said...

Do you think the Browns would be dumb enough to sign TO?

ladi_izz said...

Living in the DC area, there have been some Redskins fans that said they wanted him. I found it to be pretty funny that if that happens, Owens would have a chance to destroy 75% of the NFC East. I think ESPN or some talk radio said he could go to the Giants, so my figures would still be right.

I remember him having a son named Tariq when I saw an episode of Cribs. Not that having a kid means anything about your sexuality, Clay Aiken's got one, so there's that.

I'll stop rambling now.

tiny350Z said...

Dogs fart... but what about cats? I don't think my cats have ever farted.