September 25, 2008

Purple Makes Domski Look Fat...

Baltimore. What can I say about this city that hasn't already been said about Killadelphia? It's dirty. It's scary. And I'm pretty sure it's easier to get crack, a handgun or a handJOB than it is to get a parking spot. Thankfully, Baltimore is not the venue for our upcoming Monday night duel, but rather, the 'Burgh will play host (just like that last one).

Of course, they are right now the DIVISION LEADING Baltimore Ravens by virtue of their 2-0 start vs. our 2-1 start. But we all know that's more by technicality than merit. So far they've successfully bested two teams that are currently 0-3. And sure, their defense is #1 in the NFL. But again, the Bengals and the Browns, dude.

Nevertheless, every game against the dirty birds of the North (odd that we have two Northern dirty birds in two successive weeks) is a battle. Well, except for the last Monday night game we played against them. That was more a bloodbath. But you know what I mean. This isn't going to be easy.

We'll be without Master Fly W. Large. Which kind of sucks. But the fact is, he probably wasn't going to run on the Ravens anyhow. In the last five meetings between us and Murdermore Baltimore in which he's played, he's only broken the 50 yard mark once (back in '05 when he had 59 yards). So maybe the change of pace that is Rashard Mendenhall will prove more successful. Stranger things have happened.

On Offense, I mean, you've got Willis McGahee. Good back, but stoppable. You've also got Derrick Mason, who's older than God; Todd Heap aka "The Man of Glass;" and Joe "I'm being touted as the next Ben Roethlisberger" Flacco. They've had some success against the Bengals and the Browns, but those aren't exactly "top notch" Defenses.

Not to mention it's been all running. ALL of their TDs this season have come on the ground. Even Flacco's only TD came after he ran 38 yards to paydirt himself. Unfortunately for Flacco and friends, though, the Steelers know a thing or two about stopping the run. So I imagine we'll all really get an idea of what kind of QB he is on Monday. The Ben Roethlisberger...or The Matt Leinart. I hate to do a fellow Blue Hen like this, but Joey, my boy, we're gonna eat you alive. Just think of it as hazing. You're playing with the big boys now.

Oh, and at least one Baltimore writer thinks...

"Pittsburgh doesn't have a force like the Ravens' Terrell Suggs..."
Uh, no, we have like five of them (let's see, Silverback, The Wood, The Law, Farrior, and Foote...). Terrell Suggs. Get out of here with Terrell Suggs. "T-Sizzle." Yeah, he's pretty good. But a force unmatched by any Pittsburgh linebacker? I think not, my good man.

Plus, this dude also thinks...
"The Steelers have players who can change games in Polamalu, Woodley, Harrison and James Farrior. The difference is the Ravens have players who change entire seasons."
I suppose this depends on your definition of "change entire seasons." If by that you mean being a solid force that helps the team win the division, then hell yeah do we have players who can change entire seasons." By the way, notice how he conveniently omitted Ben Roethlisberger. Intentional? Sign of disrespect? Who knows.

So guys, the Ravens - What's up with 'em?


Neal Coolong said...

Dammit, Cotter, you stole my piece for this morning...what a complete POS write-up. Personally, I think the Baltimore Sun has a great sports section, and I've always followed their writers - especially Mike Preston. I know a few Ravens writers, and they always slam Jamison Helmsley, and I never really knew why.

After reading that, I see what they mean. It's absolutely fuckin' ridiculous to pull Terrell Suggs out and lay him down against James Harrison. If you want to be a Homer, that's fine and totally understandable, but such suggestions are just stupid.

I'm a moron, why can't I get paid to be one like that clown?

tecmo said...

Wow, that's a pretty bold statement (Suggs, season changers). Big talk for a team coming off an awful season. Hopefully they're blindly high on themselves, setting them up for a reality check on Monday (as we were last week).

marc said...

Lets hope that Woodley has a breakout game and destroys them so they'll STFU. Adalius Thomas is much better than Suggs IMO, more versitile, and a beast. We have two guys comparable in Wood and Silverback. If Timmons could get on the field more often he'd be comparable to Ray Lewis b/c of speed, than again Lewis has a lot more football smarts.

matt said...

Also, big talk for a team that was predicted to win 5 games.

Although I hate Baltimore - dammit do I respect that they always step it up when they play us. (minus the 38-7 last year)

Which leads to the concern of the O-Line, Mendenhall, and gameplanning. I don't assume that we will be able to run all over them, but we need to make a statement this week. The Offense needs to step up and play Steeler football & get it done! I love seeing smashmouth football, but I wanna see a complete blowout.

domski43 said...

damn! i look good in purple (i was probably under some type of influence in that pic)

Joe Flacco is a 1-AA hero, minus the championship last year where Appalachian State ate him up and spit him out. Zero touchdowns in this young season is unimpressive, so the Steelers need to put pressure on him early and not allow him to get any confidence. Translation = DONT LET HIM COMPLETE THE DINK AND DUNK PASSES!

The Ravens have a 3-headed monster at the running back position, without hampton and keisel someone needs to step up.

As cotter stated in the post, historically willie doesnt run well against baltimore...I have full faith that Mendenhall is going to do well. All the other backs in his class have made immediate impacts, your time is now Rashard.

**Flashback to this year's draft = Mendenhall felt disrespected by not being a higher draft pick...time to prove it Wreckingball!

Noah said...

I love when we play Baltimore, because this is basically the game that defines are season. Despite little rises w/ Cleveland and Cincy 2 years ago, Baltimore has always been there more or less, especially when they play us. Ahh the good old days when Joey Porter and Ray Lewis would always get in shouting matches b4 the game.

As for the actual game. I think, or rather hope and pray the O-line will do better this week. However, I don't know if Wreckingball will have as much success as the rest of the RBs we have/had. They still have a good defense, even though it was against the Browns and Bengals. I say stop the running game first because it is unproven whether Flacco can ACTUALLY beat you or not. I'm leaning towards the not side. Of course, I've been wrong b4 (eg. Eagles game), but I'm pretty sure on this one.